Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going Raw: Day Nine (Let the compliments commence)

I had a co-worker come up to me earlier this morning and say something I didn't expect to hear. He's a very congenial guy but this was completely out of the blue. He came to my desk and said to me: "Rita, you look really nice today. I don't know what it is about you lately, but whatever you're doing is working, you look great!"

The last thing I expected was for someone who had no idea what I was doing to mention how much better I looked lately. It's only been nine days and the results are visible already? I have noticed that my cheeks are much less puffy than normal...is that because of the raw food?

I'm just finding it really hard to believe that the improvements can be noticeable so soon!

I have realized that it's easier for me to eat minimally after dinner (i.e. after dinner desserts) if I give myself a time I have to stop eating and stick to it. And knowing that I can have banana "ice cream" as a dessert in the evenings helps as well. I'll post the (ridiculously easy) recipe for it later. Then after that if I feel like it, I'll have some berries or an apricot before my cut-off point of 7:00 pm. Though I do think I need to start buying less fruit for the house. I believe I have too much variety. If I limit the fruits I have in the house to like 2 or 3 types per week (not including the staples of bananas and mangoes for my smoothies and ice creams) then I should be okay.

Oh, I tried a Larabar this weekend for the very first time and OH...MY...GOD! That was absolutely delicious! I can't believe I'd never tried these before. Now I'm scared that I'm going to have a problem staying away from them! They may just replace chocolate for me! Hopefully one or two days of relative decadence a week won't set me back too much ;)

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