Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Can you eat too much Raw?

I think I've figured out what it is that is bothering me about this diet: can you binge on raw? Obviously the answer to that is yes. But my question is this:

Everyone tells you to listen to your body and focus on what it's telling you...well what if your body is telling you to eat, eat, eat and eat some more? I know it's healthier to overindulge with fruit than processed chocolate but is it still possible to be healthy and lose weight while overindulging in apricots, or cherries, or bananas, etc.?

I'm just worried that I'm eating too much. Considering I haven't exactly figured out how to obey my own natural instincts yet, I'm forced to use other methods to gauge my success. After a while on the raw food diet, I probably won't have these concerns because I'll know when my body is telling me to stop but for now, I'm scared that, as I've said repeatedly, I'm not doing this right...that I'm replacing my cooked vices with raw vices. Isn't a raw food binge, still a binge? Isn't an over eater who eats only raw, still an over eater?

Is it possible to be overweight and be raw? I know this isn't a miracle diet but it would sure help to know that I'm just being paranoid, that too much would require a lot more than I'm consuming now.

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