Friday, July 31, 2009

Going Raw: Day 12

I've been so preoccupied today with looking up raw recipes and reading blogs that I have completely ignored everything else. I feel like I'm letting this take over my whole life and that is not the idea behind me going raw. So starting this weekend on, I'm devoting only two hours of the day to thinking about anything raw food related (not counting when I'm eating =P). I'm going to focus on other things and not just what I'm going to be eating next week. I mean, it's taken me almost the whole day to figure out my menu for next week and make out my grocery list. Is that insane or what?! Then again, I've always been like this. I do need time to figure out what I'm doing the whole week given that I don't have too much time to make a new meal every night depending on how I feel. So whatever I do make, pretty much has to last me the entire week. And I have to have easy back-ups just in case whatever I made that was more intricate doesn't last me long enough. I know that eating healthy takes work but I really can't spend as much time as I have been thinking about this.

Other than that, I should be getting my camera's computer cord so I'll be able to upload the pictures I've taken of my food. I'm pretty excited to see how they turned out.

As far as how the raw food is making me feel? My stomach was still acting up last night but I think it finally calmed down this morning. And I think that is partly because the weather around here has finally dropped below the 90 degree point. It's been in the 90s for the past two weeks! I don't even know how I survived that. I definitely don't live in Seattle for the scorching weather. I'm so ready for fall.

And finally, in the good news department: I've lost another two pounds this week. That makes it a total of six pounds in 12 days! Insane! I really hope that this is legitimate weight loss. I hope that it sticks.
And now...back to my shopping list. =P

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