Monday, July 27, 2009

Going Raw: Day Eight

I made it through the weekend. If there any exceptionally difficult triggers in my life, Friday nights are definitely one of the toughest. I'm used coming home, taking the dog to the park and stopping by the store and buying a bag of chips and some candy or ice cream and making a dinner of it. I did not feel that urge this last Friday night! I made it through without exceptional failure. Of course I keep ignoring the food combining rules and that results in a Rita bashing for a day or two. I really need to just stop worrying about it for a while and focus on getting acclimated to this raw eating thing.

I'm breaking out and having some kind of bizarre mood swings but I can't say that this wasn't expected. I just hope they go away soon (the zits and the moods). Other than that, I'm definitely noticing that I'm more eager to go outside and walk with the pup instead of simply driving to the dog park and sitting on the ledge while he chews on a stick. On average, Finn and I went out three times a day (half an hour each) for walks this past weekend.

I did over-eat somewhat on Saturday and Sunday, not surprisingly, but I don't feel too bad...two semi-indulgent days out of the week aren't going to destroy me. Though I did figure out that watermelon right after a meal is NOT a good idea. I already knew this but I guess I just had to experience it wasn't a great feeling.

For dinner I made Gena's pizza "cheese" and Heathy's Italian dressing. I will start taking pictures of my dinners and posting recipes to go with them as soon as I get my camera's computer connection cord from my sister.

Oh and I finally ordered a small food processor today. Though the blender did a pretty good job with the pizza cheese, by the time I was finished, I could smell the motor starting to burn out =P I can't wait to get it so that I can start making more nut cheeses and pate!

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