Monday, August 31, 2009

Stomach Flu and Green Juice Weekend

So, starting this past Thursday, I had the weekend from hell! My annual stomach flu decided to skip last year and apparently came back early this time. I have NEVER slept on my back before Thursday night and I didn't even have the energy to get under the covers after spending the later half of the day being violently ill. I woke up on Friday and thankfully wasn't nauseous anymore but I soon realized that the worst still wasn't over. The second I moved every single muscle, nerve and tendon in my entire body screamed out if I so much as twitched. A ten minute walk with Finn felt like a marathon, I literally couldn't even hold myself up. So I caved and once I felt certain I wasn't going to be sick again, I made myself some warm miso soup (two bowls actually).

I know that Friday and Saturday would have been great days to do a little juice fasting but the thought of putting together and cleaning my hurky juicer was as exhausting as standing up so I just stuck with fruit and other easily digestible foods. Finally, on Sunday, when I was feeling more like myself I decided I'd give the blender a shot at making me a green juice. SUCCESS!

Obviously, I'm happy with the results, much happier than when I was using the fact, I think I may just return the thing. The blender works better and I can just save up to get an actually decent juicer...preferably a press-style juicer not a centrifuge one.

The blender way DEFINITELY takes a lot longer than the juicer but the results are a lot more juice-like and I use less fruit and more greens with this method. And clean-up is a breeze!

So what was in this juice? Well, it had one apple, a small carrot or two, I actually used celery (god I despise celery), half a cucumber, some broccoli, a TON of spinach and about a cup of water. Clearly, I don't have a nut mylk bag so I'm doing it the old school way: with cheesecloth. It was amazingly refreshing and delicious. I felt very light and invigorated after drinking if I actually did get all those good nutrients that I didn't feel I was getting with the juicer.

I will certainly be doing this a lot more frequently. A few notes to self: don't use peach instead of apple...NOT GOOD. And I did find that if I strain the juice twice, less gritty stuff gets into the final result.

Happy Juicing!


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