Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Raw Dining Adventure

Yesterday, I went to a Raw/Vegan Restaurant for the very first time...I lost my raw dining virginity so to speak ;) My friend Heather, who is a newbie vegetarian was in town from college and we decided to go have dinner at Chaco Canyon.

That would be Heather (on the left) and me (in the big sunglasses!).

So needless to say, the experience at Chaco Canyon was great! The food was delicious, the selection of smoothies and juices was fantastic. I really wanted to get a juice but knew better than to do that.

I apologize in advance because though I reminded myself before we got to the restaurant to take pictures of all the food, I somehow ended up forgetting regardless. I know, I'm an awful blogger...I'll do better next time. I ended up getting a housemade raspberry kombucha tea and raw green curry (which isn't even on their online menu). It was delicious, it was served with all sorts of yummy veggies and it was very filling. Heather got herself an Elvis Smoothie (not vegan) and a pesto melt (not raw but looked yummy). For dessert we ended up splitting a raw chocolate fudge brownie. Which I did get a picture of!

Doesn't it look absolutely delicious? Good, because it was! So rich and creamy yet it didn't leave me feeling heavy and sick to my stomach! It was delicious. Actually the Kombucha was amazing too! It wasn't overpowering and it was sweet so very easy to drink.

Sadly, I am not capable of coming home and not eating so I supplemented my dinner with a banana and a plum. Just looking at that brownie makes me drool though. With it's tempting hazelnut-date crust...who could resist?

Okay, well enough salivating. Next time: Thrive it is! I've really been wanting to go there, too.

And now for the pictures from two weekends ago...the one where I ate like a pig and drank like a teenager (sort of) with my friend from the Marines. The first picture is me with my friend Tim and the second one is us taking The Rock's infamous jell-o shots out of giant syringes! Classy, huh?

Well okay, that's all for this round! I'm going to be trying a new recipe tonight and will post it tomorrow if all goes well. TTFN!

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