Friday, August 7, 2009

Freedom from Fruit!

An epiphany:

I was reading Gena's blog (again)...I'm not stalking I swear, I just really like what the girl has to say! And reading the entry on how she chooses to limit her intake of fruits and other sweeteners scared the bejeesus out of me. "How can someone possibly go without fruit?!" But then I got to thinking (okay, finishing up my grocery list) and I tried to figure out what fruit I should have in the house for next week. I just kept crossing fruit after fruit after berry off of my list. It hit me that limiting the amount fruit consumed is exactly what I'm doing. The only fruit I ever eat these days are in my morning green smoothie which only has two fruit in it (banana and mango), my afternoon fruit snack (cherries and an apple or something) and my evening banana soft serve. I used to think that the best thing about being Raw was the I could eat as much fruit as I wanted but now, I just find it a bigger hassle to eat it. What with the concern over food combining, it's just simpler to limit the fruit I eat. No, I could never completely eradicate fruit from my diet, nor do I want to, but even substantially cutting back on the amount of fruit I do eat is quite an accomplishment for me. I'm still battling with the chocolate addiction, though even this is starting to look less daunting.

Given that fruit should never be eaten after a heavier meal like one that contains nuts for example, it's hard to even find enough time in the day to eat fruit. At this rate, I may even cut the fruit snack out of my day and replace it with some carrots. I'm also finding that lately, sweet foods have been less tempting. I'd much rather enjoy some veggies with a nut pate rather than gorge myself with's also a lot easier to control my cravings and appetite with savory foods versus sweet ones. Like I said, I'm not planning on cutting fruit (or sweeteners) from my diet but I am truly enjoying the independence from them that I have gained these past (almost) three weeks. It's immensely refreshing.

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