Monday, August 24, 2009

Creamy is the Word of the Day!

I'm sorry, I've been slacking lately. There has just been too much going on at once right now: I just notified my boss that I will be leaving my wonderfully cushy, well-paying job in the middle of September to go back to school full-time and now, I'm downright terrified! To make myself feel better after my not-so-good meeting with my school counselor last Thursday, I went home and made myself some did the trick ;) Yay, endorphins!

Anyway, I'm extremely excited to be going back to school and I could talk about it for hours, but I think I'll move on to more food-y topics.

I finally bought a juicer this weekend. It definitely isn't the best, but it gets the job done, I got the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer. P.S. They lie to you: sure the pulp that comes out the back is dry, but they don't bother to show you what it looks like on the inside; all sorts of wet pulp stuck near the filter. But for the price, who am I to complain? I haven't been hungry in the mornings lately and I've come to the conclusion that my body is getting acclimated to my new way of eating. But I still want to get all those nutrients early on without forcing my body to consume more than it wants, so I got the juicer, made juice this morning and it was delicious! I also bought a 2 and a half pound bag of spinach ;) I look forward to my juicy mornings and Sundays!
This past Sunday, my mom, sister, nephew and I went blueberry picking so I have a ton sitting in my fridge that I've been gorging myself on; fresh and delicious! Though I think cherry season and mango season (where ever it is mango season) is over =( No more mangoes for me unless I want to wait for them to ripen...and I'm not patient when it comes to mangoes.

So to emphasize what a space-case I am; I came up with two INCREDIBLE recipes last night, took pictures and enjoyed them immensely for lunch today...and forgot to take the list of ingredients with me. I know, how awful can I get?! So I'll just tease with some photos today and some recipes that were created by bloggers who can actually remember things.

I bought some delicious heirloom tomatoes at a farmer's market this weekend and made a wonderful dressing out of them: Smooth Tomato Dressing. This salad had some mixed greens, some sweet peppers and some yellow zucchini I bought at the farmer's market as well.

I also made a Sage & Sun-dried Tomato Cashew Pate this weekend and I'll post that tomorrow. But is delicious, so is the dressing. I've managed to impress myself!

And now, for a recipe from someone else:

Creamy Citrus-Herb Dressing by Carmella:

½ avocado
1 small orange
2 cloves garlic
1 tbsp. olive oil
½ large lemon, juiced (or to taste)
½ large lime, juiced (or to taste)
1 tbsp. tahini
1 tsp. sweetener
Handful fresh parsley and/or cilantro
Dill or dried herbs of choice
Salt, Braggs or tamari (to taste)
⅓ cup water (or more)

Blend until smooth. Add water to get desired consistency.

This had a very mild flavor, very creamy and understated.

And the last one of the day:

Creamy Spinach Sauce by Carmella:

4 cups spinach
1 small garlic clove
½ cup cashews
¼ cup water
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1 tbsp. olive oil
½ tsp. salt
¼ tsp. nutmeg
¼ tsp. thyme

Blend until very smooth. Serve with vegetable pasta or kelp noodles and top with pine-nut Parmesan if you like.

I omitted the nutmeg and went for some tarragon instead. Mine also ended up a little bit watery because I could not get my blender to combine all that spinach so I added some water...not even thinking about the fact that I COULD have taken out some spinach and blended it in batches. I added a few more cashews to make it more creamy. I also soaked the cashews for a few hours. Being the HUGE fan of thyme that I am and the small bunch that one of my coworkers gave to me from her garden, I added a bit more (okay, a lot more) than the 1/4 tsp. suggested. And of course, I served this with kelp noodles, heirloom tomatoes and some lemon cucumber.

I promise, the recipes I created will be posted tomorrow! TTFN!

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